Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dan Waber and the inventhusiastiverse: "This is Visual Poetry"

Dan Waber of the ever inventive and enthusiastic Paper Kite Press, has created a fantastic series of colour chapbooks of visual poetry, entitled, rather obliquely "This is Visual Poetry." Each book has a colour image on the cover as well as 16 colour images inside. There is a picture of the author and a short bio on the back. It's unusual -- and a great opportunity -- to have colour images of visual poetry in chapbooks. It shows another side of visual poets' works as well as another non-online side of the work itself.

Dan is rapidly assembling a great series of chapbooks, from writers who are well known in the visual poetry world (for example, John M. Bennett, derek beaulieu, Peter Ciccariello, Marton Koppany) to others less known but no less great (for example, Stephen Nelson and Derya Vural.) The series is also international: Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Hungary, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and Finland so far. The other notable thing is that the series includes as many women as men.

Each chapbook is $10. A bargain really.

As his bio for the series says "Dan Waber is an idea factory who doesn’t have any clue what “writer’s block” could possibly be. He could use a writer’s cork, most days. He’s an editor, publisher, encourager, and passionate advocate for the life of meaning." Exactly. This is another great project from the ever expanding world of Dan Waber and Jennifer Hill and their publishing inventhusiastiverse.

My chapbook in the series was published today.

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