Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A thought and its strange horn: semicolon and ampersand dreaming

The semicolon dreams. It isn’t one, but two. Brother and sister. Mother and child. Egg and sperm. Zygotic. X and Y.  Chromosomal. A Bicameron over the corpus callosum of the page. A greater and lesser brain, brontosaural. A thought and its strange horn. The beginning and end of sleep. A dream of dreaming and of waking. A hand and its other becoming breath and its shadows, a one eye open, a book.

The ampersand dreams. Mother & child, the primordial &, a mother’s arms around her child, the Moebius umbilical, the inside out, the turning a portrait of itself, the between one thing and another, the and other connected, the hand and its other, the breath and its shadow, the shadow's curl, the ampersand.

for Craig Conley


Eccentric Scholar said...

These poems are microcosms of the Nottingblog universe. They are self-expanding mental stents.

The Storialist said...

The semi-colon is my favorite punctuation mark. Understandably.

My friend (an English Lit prof) teaches her students the difference between colon and semi-colon by explaining, "The colon is the open-eyed emoticon, and the semi-colon is the winking one."

Anonymous said...

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