Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Inger Christensen exists: Inger Christensen has died.

(a mural depicting the beginning of Christensen's Alfabet.)


Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl writes this about the recent death of the great Danish poet Inger Christensen. He discusses her beautiful, intriguing,brilliant and moving book Alphabet. There are some good links also.

Here's a good discussion of the work.

a small excerpt of the booklength Alphabet:

early fall exists; aftertaste, afterthought;
seclusion and angels exist;
widows and elk exist; every
detail exists; memory, memory’s light;
afterglow exists; oaks, elms,
junipers, sameness, loneliness exist;
eider ducks, spiders and vinegar
exist, and the future, the future


Silvia Castro said...

Hello! I' ve been translating this poem (alphabet) from an english version to spanish last week, because I coundn' t find anything in the net in my language. It's nice what you do with the alphabet, too. Beautiful pictures

gary barwin said...

Thanks, Silvia.

I imagine that Christensen's Alphabet would be beautiful in Spanish. I wonder if alliteration reads/feels different in English, Danish, and Spanish? Danish and English have the tradition of old alliterative verse (eg. Beowulf). I don't about anything about it in Spanish.

Best of luck with the translation.