Friday, January 02, 2009

Briefcase Landscape & Stu Ross New Year Poem

briefcases are on the mountain
and the sky is split by thunder

night holds the earth by its black handle
and walks

walks slowly
walks home


Each new year, my old friend, Toronto writer Stuart Ross has written and sent a New Year's poem out. He used to do it by mail, now by email and by posting it on his blog. I always look forward to it. He is, of course, a brilliant, inventive, and emotionally incisive writer, and he always rises to the occasion. This year's poem is here. Thanks, Stu. My best for a left parenthesis filling up with only good things and stretching, in its parenthetical way into the surprising grammar of the future.


troylloyd said...

adventures of the portable landscape,

walking down the street

pursued by banjo,

one hump, or two?

gary barwin said...



You carry your own landscape

the number of banjos
is up to you