Friday, August 01, 2008

Studies in Micro-Scansion

There's this lovely "Semicolon's Dream Journal."

And while you're at it, I found this to be an amazing allegory about how language is the original Wiki, or commons, and a great dystopian tale about language and ownership. And an especially good expansion of some of the things I was talking about here. (Courtesy of Buggeryville.)


Pearl said...

like that link. have you seen Punctuation: Art, Politics and Play by Jennifer DeVere Brody (Duke U Press, 08)

gary barwin said...

Funny you should mention it. I just attempted to order it online from Amazon last night, but something online prevented me. It seems fascinating.

And makes me think: I imagine studying the cracks in the sidewalk in order to try to tell the story of the city.