Thursday, August 14, 2008

This sentence makes frequent stops.




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troylloyd said...

Canadian one-dollar coin (Loonie)
No greenbacks, but bumperstickers yes yes, this 2:52 PM + 2:53 PM sed lucko so sentence, then comma, again, then happy winning lucky number sed: "i'm sorry to crash yr car, my run-on sentence are bad"

but, it allsa okay, i'm savored by the landscrape, it undulates wavingly as potholed punctbumpers doin' the ton (that's Britsy forra 100MPH!)

but waitaminnit, i mean this traffic jam scrammed my original thots, ah -- the swerve, ya gotta love it,


exit only sed: ace work Gary -- my eyes dilated wide to let the minmin in -- so much with so little, quite incredible.

yr lucky # for today is 252253.

thank you, please drive thru.

troylloyd said...


i made up a "bounceback" post inspired by yr work, which is here:

co:on ,omma fullst.p

gary barwin said...


I'm totally delighted by your pieces, plus the links to my blog. I just discovered them thanks to my handy dandy automatic Google vanity search (trolling the hideaways and byteways for mention of my name, awful but true). There's so much about them that I like -- the integration of Hebrew, that lovely yellow, the hand drawn images with the letraset (?) text, the connection to archetype, and speech and thought bubbles, the anatomy of the mouth, and more. (By the way the Hebrew letter in the piece with the comma is a "Shin" which is used as a name for God -- and definitely my favourite Hebrew letter.

So.....thanks very much for the wonderful work in bounceback!


PS I told the "lotto online" guy in the previous comment that I'd won the lottery to six decimal places...

troylloyd said...

talk about a merge to the swerve, after you informed me of the Hebrew Shin, i was a bit concerned that my meshing of it was upside-down -- i was curious, could this inversion be deemed offensive?

one of the major hazards of playing w/ language one does not well know is this potential for unintended insult or mockery -- i do try & take it seriously & research it a bit & try to learna lesson, verification is usually good -- in the "heat of the moment" i often forgo indepth lookings & just plunge to playing, as my mantra "barefoot in the head" resonates in my childlike brain, drunk w/ curiosity & running all legs a'stretched.

so, under a bit of investigation i learned that Shin was #21 & given a numerical value of 300.
"In the Septuagint and other early translations Shaddai was translated with words meaning "Almighty". The root word "shadad" (שדד) means "to overpower" or "to destroy". This would give Shaddai the meaning of "destroyer" as one of the aspects of God.
-- perhaps an inverted Shin overturns the destroyer of Old & brings light to self-creation of New?

Bent towards the lens perpindicular to the point of incidence, eye, emergence thru the pupil converge by refraction opposite of object to myriad foci in angle & how maybe the opaque coats can never provide perfect vision, hiding.

Multi et Unus
(Many & One)
Nature is in the habit of concealing itself, i consider myself a Diogenic phildickien gnostic unicellularist, the world is not as it appears, truth in the gutter -- the Empire never ended.

Vertical flame splits in response to high amplitude axial forcing; inverted flame does not.

In Kabbalah we are taught that the three-headed shin is the shin of this world.

One of the meanings of the word shin in Hebrew is shinui, "change."

Shin "also stands for the word Shaddai, a name for God.

Three vavs, each with a yud on top, rise from a common base- point.
Symbol of symmetry; Form of a flame.

changeless, potential, and actual change

The Tetragrammaton in the Human Heart inwhich the heart is inverted, yet shin is upright.

--perhaps the unintentional inversion changes flame to water?

The first world is the most subtle, and closest to the original state of non-existence, and is Atzilooth. This is called the world of Fire, because of the lively, undefined, and almost uncontrollable nature of fire. Next is Briah, or the World of Archetypes and forms as our human mind can grasp them. It is symbolized as the World of Air, and is the result as a barrier world that is formed by the creation of the next World, Yetzirah, or Water. This is the highly psychic and emotionally charged world immediately behind the veil of material existence, or Assiah. Also known as the World of Earth, because of the solid, concrete nature of material life.

Potential Matter manifests its energy as Water

In the vast majority of humanity, this Secret Fire, or liberating energy of self-consciousness, lies dormant, asleep at the base of the spine, coiled like a serpent. Only a small amount manages to escape, reaching a sepherothic level, or so-called chakra, thus creating a loci of consciousness for each person. If it reaches the top of the skull, and beyond, a spiritual awakening can occur, allowing for a descent and re-ascent of the energy, during which the psychic centers can be awakened allowing for the manifestation of psychic powers and related phenomena.

As we can see, the concept of kundalini, or the Secret Fire, is linked to two polar concepts: that of the undifferentiated creative energy, and the second, as the seed of this energy locked on each cell of material creation, and focused in humanity at the base of the spine.

( three flaming Yods )

One interpretation is that John was offering initiation up the 29th Path, or the Path of Water; while Jesus was offering the harder and more rigorous Path of Fire, or the 31st Path to his disciples.

In music theory, a comma is a small or very small interval between two enharmonic notes tuned in different ways.

((pardon the length of this comment!))

my primary mode of learning is thru interaction w/ others -- either thru real life, books, or onna web -- there are so many alternating viewpoints & directionals & i feel each is worthy of a looking.

i'm somewhat conflicted if this is perhaps a detrimental absorption as opposed to perhaps a more "pure" isolative approach of "inner searching" (but this "inner searching has a higher potential for perversion i think, i dunno, maybe this topic is not wise to discuss...)

it's not so much that i'm in love w/ the world, i'm in love w/ all the people who inhabit the world.



: )

Eccentric Scholar said...

When I first saw "Landscape," I took the horizontal line not to represent land but rather wavy water. Reading right to left, sometimes reflections are foreshortened (the line of the exclamation appearing as a point). Sometimes they reflect "accurately," as the dot doubles into a colon. Sometimes they reflect distortedly, as the dot warps into a comma and forms a semicolon. And best of all, sometimes things reflect that aren't otherwise visible.

Of course, as a landscape, the image is also lovely, showing how deeply rooted commas sometimes blossom into semicolons, and how the foliage of a colon looks quite similar to a semicolon's, and how an unpruned exclamation point can grow quite tall.

Anonymous said...

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