Saturday, August 09, 2008

Like a novel where someone inverts a deer



pcso lotto results said...

So that those who will accidentally visit your site will not waste there time with this stupid topics.

gary barwin said...

I believe that deer inversion is an extremely important topic. Indeed, I note, upon observing all the deer of this world, that they have been doubly inverted. Once, so that their antlers face the earth's centre, and again, so that their antlers once again branch toward space.

The antlers of inverted deer point toward the antlers of every other inverted deer.

This is important.

Eccentric Scholar said...

Ohmigod, Gary, your answer is triply exquisite! (I say this after just this evening having finished reading Italo Calvino's IF ON A WINTER'S NIGHT A TRAVELER, so I feel qualified to judge exquisiteness.) How awesome that an illiterate spammer ended up inspiring you to share these mystical truths about inverted deer. I'm so glad I checked in before bedtime this evening. May I dream of deer inversion!

Jeff said...

Me not so accidentally visit site 2 but am triple gung ho 2 waist time with this stupid topics. Guh! Guh! Dear r peeple 2!

gary barwin said...

Jefv: re Gung ho 2 waist

me glad u vizeet here, Jevf. And any way, how can wee waist time wen eternitee doesn't evun haf a belt?

And Craig, Thanks for the comment. I enjoy interacting with spam and other random input. Destablizes the otherwise possibly atrophying system. And, Calvino is God. I agree. Baron in the Trees, Invisible Cities, Castle of Crossed Destinies.

But now, I'm going to have a glass of Invert Deer. Mmmm. My favourite.