Friday, August 08, 2008

Ampersand Security



troylloyd said...

the ampersand w/ The Club is simply brilliant & desrves some kind of award or something, it's like an un-and -- the &lock'd unusable so no joyrides of overuse ( i'm guilty of & overuse). i like and, and i like &.

the comma in the antler-human above &security works perfectly well in conjuring the punctuation of the life we're all living --
birth = :

living = , , , , ,

expiration = .

so, at birth it begins :

always a next then next
while living

(or as A. Crowley put it,
a series of ? ! ? ! ? ! ? !
questions/answers always marching)

then the fullstop

you've utilized the , to bring all this to mind & that's quite a feat.


gary barwin said...

Thanks for the kind words about the &tler images & the thoughtful thots.

We do have all of this punctuation that punctuates our life, diacritical marks between the facts of our living.

I imagine going into the woods at adolescence, fasting, and meditating for a personal spirit vowel.

Thanks again,