Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not making sense. Waging Sense.


What are the limits of A?
of H?
Green. Blue. Blue-green.


Say E with the lips.
U with the tongue.
Think of T.


If we were not symmetrical,
arms, legs, face
would the letters be different?

What if we had three mouths or
two tongues? If our tongues were forked?
If we could speak from other orifices?
With other animals?
If we were blind and had no fingertips?


The whales’ alphabet.
The alphabet of owls.
The vowels of the ptarmigan.
The letters of the tarmac.


Each tree is an alphabet. Or
each tree is a single letter.
Can’t pronounce the forest for the trees.

Each car is an alphabet. Or
each car is a single letter.
Can't read the traffic for the destination.


If we invented computers before letters
If there was a limit on the number of letters we could have
If letters changed meaning
If letters became extinct

If we had to have a public advocacy campaign to support certain letters
If you needed a licence for certain letters or proper training

How do we make the alphabet global?

If there were different letters for the left handed
Print. Cursive. Something else.

How do we address the three dimensions of the alphabet?
What are the most beloved letters?

What we do on the national holiday for letters?

Not making sounds. Waging sounds.
Not making words. Waging words.
Not making sense. Waging sense.

What if different corporations bought advertising space on the letters?
What if they bought the letters?
What if we ceased to see the letters but rather the corporation?
We couldn’t see the forest for the ads.

What if the letters were copyrighted? Taxed? Made illegal?

How do we apologize for the alphabet?
How do we atone for it?
How can it bring us new joy?

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Eccentric Scholar said...

I'm struggling to come up with kudos worthy of your achievement. But, you know, it's actually rather fun to be truly dumbfounded. So suffice it to say that I'm deliriously impressed and thankful.