Monday, July 14, 2008

Stefanie Posavec: Mapping Books.

These are astounding images mapping elements of whole books by Stefanie Posavec -- sentence structure, rhythm, etc. Very beautiful and intriguing. It also puts me in mind of derek beaulieu's book Flatland mapping of letter occurrences in the original Flatland.

Stefanie Posavec has a site featuring her images with explanations here.


Chris said...

Yummy. See also Moretti's work, "Graphs, Maps, Trees", etc.

gary barwin said...

Thanks, Chris. I'll check it out.

One of my favourite books that I have is an old book which lists every single occurrence of every word, including neolgisms in Joyce's Ulysses. This was before computers and each entry was handcounted by grad students in a basement somewhere. I've been plotting what to do with it for ages.