Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Much Ado about To Do.

The New York Times reports that "The song of the blue whale, one of the eeriest sounds in the ocean, has mysteriously grown deeper."


My local gas station offers car washes. There are three options. The more expensive two packages feature scented car wax. I imagine explaining to my cavepeople forebears, firstly, what a car is, and secondly, why we'd want to scent one. I plan to find out what scents are available -- strawberry? muskox? elephant?

As a 21st century man, I need to ask myself these questions: Should I get a manly, musky scent for my minivan? Do I want my car to smell like my woman? What is the car scent most appropriate for a 'metrosexual'? If I had a whale, I'd wax it. I'd scent it like a deer or a toybox.




I've been thinking about definitions which change. Real language use and meaning construction relies on context, specially an agreed-upon context.

Someone could steadfastly attempt to use only definitions of words which were current in the 16th century, but they'd probably have difficulty renting a Blu-ray or perhaps signing out a copy of Johnson from the local library.

But the idea of a dictionary, the definitions of which are constantly changing "in real time" is fascinating to me. There are many 'real-time' sites on the net which, ostensibly, provide up-to-date information. Why wouldn't (at least pataphysically) a dictionary? There is the wiki format Urban Dictionary, but that's different, I think.

The next step is that written texts then would have to change in real-time as the words changed. Wait! The meaning of 'wheelbarrow' just changed (and I think it has)? Better update the poem.


dream head wind through a dandelion in seed

million year cycle: high score at Ms. Pac-Man, again.


Here's a couple pages from my notebook. I'm interested in the H / A drawings (what Geof Huth would term 'fidgetglyphs.' I've tentatively titled them "Father and Son" or "Madonna and Child" but I think that that is too reductive. I prefer to let the reader/view create their own sense from the nesting of one letter in another. It could be a parable of self, for example, or just playing with the idea of nesting, or protection or interiority. Is 'A' the interior of 'H'?

On the right side, is a 'To Do' list. I've been meaning to post some images of lists that my wife, Beth, created. In a fantastically contrarian way, she has painted (in several colours) lovely 'To Do' lists on lovely thick artist paper. These are actual lists for us to do, but I love the notion that she has taken the time to paint them....as opposed to beginning to complete them. And here I am, writing about them....as opposed to beginning to complete them. And of course, if I post them here, then I am formally acknowledging that they exist...


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