Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In inner space, no one can hear you screaming inwards

Here are two pieces from a bumpHEAD session. On these two tracks, my son Ryan plays either Frisellian-guitar loops or lap steel melodies; Kerry "Slim Volumes" Schooley provides laconic interjections; and I play saxophone or flute, and do a lot of inhaled screaming or "singing" through Ableton Live software processing.

Last month, we went to Robert Morpheal's studio and recorded an evening's worth of material. Much of it features spoken or performed text (I wish there was a way of saying "spoken word" without referring to Spoken Word -- which see Paul Vermeersch on the subject for a rant which I'd like to see Paul do as a Spoken Word piece in a sleeveless undershirt.) The examples posted above, though, tend towards 'soundsinging" to use the term coined by Paul Dutton. Some kind of sound poetry / new voice thing, in other words.

I will post some text and music pieces, when we get it together and get the audio right so that you can actually hear Kerry. His performance name is Slim Volumes. Unfortunately, too often when we do these things, the result isn't Slim Volumes, but Low Volume.

By the way, you can check out other of my music at myspace.com/garybarwin and bumpHEAD at myspace.com/beachroadcabassa

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