Thursday, April 14, 2011

Round-up: New Book; Interview; Exhibition; National Poetry Month.

Next month, the fantastic publisher of innovative writing, BookThug, releases Gregory Betts' and my The Obvious Flap with this lovely cover design by Malcolm Sutton. (If you follow the link, you can check out derek beaulieu's magnum opus, at least by size, the very beautiful 52" Prose of the Trans-Canada.)

I don’t believe that writing should have cell walls. The writer should be able to flow, like some kind of protoplasmic slop from one kind of writing to the other. 
Also Laurie Anne Fuhr of fillingstation magazine asked me really great questions about music, writing, collaboration, and four other things. You can find that here.

For the Edmonton Poetry Festival, Glenn Robson organized this fantastic night of sound poetry and an exhibition of visual poetry (which includes lots of great work including pieces by me, a.rawlings, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Paul Dutton, and derek beaulieu.)

Arecibo Silence by Eric Zboya

And lastly, the ever effervescent, indefatigable, and ingenious, Amanda Earl is curating a National Poetry Month online anthology of visual poetry at A really nice selection of work. One for each day of the month. Mine is due to be posted sometime next week.

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Amanda said...

thanks, Gary. am just seeing this now and enjoying your wonderful blog. pop fizzzz!