Thursday, February 03, 2011

Videos of my "The Porcupinity of the Stars" Reading Tour (at fillingstation's Flywheel in Calgary this past fall.) (You should see the nifty tour jackets.)

(for this last  video, someone did that car chase thing and turned the bookstore-- the fantastic Pages on Kensington -- on two of its wheels while the reading skidded around a corner. There were sparks. Someone said, "I hate it when that happens," and then police cars collided in an intersection that we'd just sped through.)

Thanks to Laurie Fuhr of fillingstation for recording and uploading these. And thanks to Meghan Doraty for hosting. And Patrick Horner, Jen Kunlire, Angela Dillon, and Anthony Di Nardo for sharing the bill with me.

Calgary is such a fantastic literary city!


Mark D Dunn said...

Thanks for posting these.
I listened to each with joyful results and then listened to all together at once, which evoked a different sort of joy -- a gentle argument with oneself.
I am glad (and saddened) to know the story behind "Brick."
Thanks again.

gary barwin said...

Thanks, Mark. I always want the poems to stand on their own and both not require explanation and to be 'more universal' than the particular occasion which occasioned them. But, at a reading, it's also nice to give some back story, sometimes. Sometimes, I give the story after I've read the poem,'to allow it to work on it's own, first.