Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Drunk on Listerine: Two Poems

at his mother’s, the dictator
drunk on Listerine
smears the walls with his own waste
crawls into the bathtub and imitates the moon

the sky hefts some clouds across the horizon
the people leave their houses and
crawl through the streets

the mother standing in the kitchen says
he looks small but
it depends what he’s near
for instance his bed
the constitution
the Great Bear

the people
who might have been the moon or
bio-luminescent sea life
go down to the shore and practice
they practice
bio-luminescence for a long time


(I have no title for the poem yet. I'd love some suggestions.)


Mark D Dunn said...

groovy poem/s.
suggested titles:
"The Moon and its Echo"
"The Moon and the Echo"
"Echo in the Moon"

gary barwin said...

Thanks for the ideas, Mark. I will ruminate over these in the four-chambers of my neural stomach. Hope you're well.