Saturday, February 19, 2011

My PhD dissertation: Martin's Idea for reciter, interactive computer systems, and MIDI keyboad

Martin's Idea (for reciter, interactive computer system, and MIDI keyboard) by Gary Barwin by

Way back in 1995, I wrote this piece for reciter, computer system (using the MAX object oriented music programming language) and a MIDI keyboard. It was my dissertation at SUNY at Buffalo. One of my memories of my dissertation defense was explaining the transformation of a particular musical motif which corresponded to the moment when the narrator's dog suggested that the narrator's wife get pregnant.


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Dorothy Thielen said...

So, what happened with this dissertation? It sounded so awesome, by the way! I just wish you can provide thesis abstracts for it so that it would be understand better by people who could listen to it. Anyway, I hope that everything went well with your life.