Monday, June 28, 2010

Music, punctuation, porcupinity, reality, small press: Alessandro Porco's interview with me for Open Book Toronto.

 We haven't decided on a cover, but here are two very draft mock-ups, just playing around really. The first features a beautiful photo of a cactus by my son Ryan.

Alessandro Porco interviewed me at Open Book Toronto about many aspects of my work: music, grad school, small press, punctuation, my forthcoming book (The Porcupinity of the Stars, Coach House), (sur)realism, and spelunking. It was a great interview and an excellent opportunity for me to articulate some things that I've been thinking about but never had the occasion to really talk about.


Eccentric Scholar said...

If you're taking votes, the cactus photo is too beautiful and apropos to pass up. :-)

Anonymous said...