Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dennis Bathory-Kitsz and The Blood Countess

For over 20 years, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz has been working on, in addition to other works in his prodigious musical output, an opera based on Elizabeth Bathory, the 'Blood Countess,' who supposed killed 600 of her servants from the local village. It is a truly Gothic tale of murder, political intrigue, and erudition. She's a fascinating historical figure. And supposedly, she didn't actually bathe in blood, though there is that legend...and maybe it's good for the hair. Here's Dennis site wherein you can learn more about her.

Dennis is a brilliant & inventive composer as well as a truly great supporter of others (he was one half of Kalvos and Damian New Music Bazaar which is legendary for its fascinating, freewheeling, wildly inventive, and funny interviews, discussions, and performances of really vital, exciting contemporary music. It's still available online.)

In Erzsebet: The Blood Countess Opera, he speaks about his opera and makes a charming, interesting, earnest, and humourous appeal for people to contribute. This is a really worthwhile project written by someone who has spent countless hours writing great music and supporting other composers. It would be a truly fantastic thing to see finished and produced.

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