Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Shanti, my composition for choir, and the 'grannyness' of real life.

"Shanti": is a composition that I wrote for school choir. The text of Shanti is comprised of the words for peace in several languages, and the words "Come outside and see, how the world does shine." This is from a 'holiday' performance by two school choirs. I wrote the piece in order to have a seasonal piece that was more inclusive than the usual, though often lovely, Judeo-Christian songs choirs typically sing for such concerts.

Now, during this high resolution zone of New Year's, I note that, luckily, the resolution of this video is poor enough that one cannot make out the individual kids' faces, and so their privacy is protected; this also means that we get a lovely digital snow effect, perfect for the season. I'm also hoping that there is a certain low-res charm to the recording, a kind of early 21st century grainyness to both the sound and the images. I enjoy it in the way I enjoy the purple texture of Gestetners, the shiny grays of early photocopies, the palpable earthiness of cuniform tablets, the pixelation of 1980s computer graphics, and the out-of-focus, jittery nature of real life itself.


Stephen Nelson said...

rock n roll minimalism i love it

Geof Huth said...

Beautiful job, Gary. And a great final sentence to your accompanying essay.