Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Year's High Resolution an Uphill Email

A few days before the beginning of 2010, Nathaniel G. Moore, for an article for Open Book Toronto about writers' New Year's resolutions, asked me if I would send him my resolutions. I don't usually, in truth, make resolutions, but I had just been given an iPhone and I had, having receiving the email on a chairlift, and having skied down a few slopes and had time to think, a few minutes on a gondola at Mont Tremblant to write the following set of resolutions. Of course,if I'd had a few more runs, I might have thought of world peace, global warming, Omar Khadr, or being able to predict and head off Steven Harper's shockingly undemocratic proroguing of Parliament.

I resolve to, in this hi-res season, read more, review and write about others' work more, to start what I've finished, to punctuate more responsibly, to use vowels more impressively, and to be more of a lexiconaut, a verbivore, a librarian of the printless, a gargler of fonts, a masticator of silence, a chewer of the seen, a control s-er of the actual, a control w-er of the imagined. I want to be involved in more discussions about writing, ideas, about writers and ideals. I want to find a positive way to engage my iPhone-aphilia, my email breathing.

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