Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ditch, anthology of innovative poetry

There is something graceful and elegant about turning virtual pages, a small digital wave flowing from one side of the screen to the other. Perhaps, better, a sine wave, rising and falling, silent and without the susurration of paper, but with its central shadowed valley, its darkened ditch where the digital pages take root in the imaginary binding.

John Goodman's fantastic "ditch," poetry website/journal has created ditch, anthology 1 (canadian innovative poets) which you can read through like a book in the glowing 2-dimensional/pretend 3-dimensional world of the computer screen.

The list of included poets is exciting and varied. Each gets several pages and a bio and picture. I'm really pleased to be included.

rob mclennan
Alessandro Porco
Todd Swift
David UU
Nathalie Stephens
Erín Moure
Jay MillAr
Asher Ghaffar
Mark Truscott
Geoffrey Hlibchuk

Natalie Simpson
Jordan Scott
derek beaulieu
Daniel f. Bradley
Margaret Christakos
Jon Paul Fiorentino
Alice Burdick
Gary Barwin
Lynn Crosbie
gustave morin
Elizabeth Bachinsky

Louise Bak
Stephen Cain
Sean Moreland
Frances Kruk
Judith Copithorne
Natalie Zina Walschots
Marcus McCann
Meredith Quartermain
Camille Martin
Nathaniel G. Moore
f.ward (cover art)

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