Friday, October 10, 2008

Punctuation Funnies 3

Chris Piuma sent Craig Conley and me some great Peanuts comic strips featuring characters holding up political picket signs on which there were punctuation. Here, he said. You'll know what to do with these. Never one to shrink away from such a challenge, I created the three recent strips from the Peanuts "source text."

By the way, if you haven't checked out Troy Lloyd's great images on his blog you should. He's always inventive and is constantly creating work that is different from itself, trying knew thinks. He recently did a little series of pieces bouncing off some images that I did bouncing off a comment that he left here. I like this dialogic process. Riffing off each other. Being each other's axon & dendrite. Never seems I have enough of either.


Chris said...


troylloyd said...

another classic!

i like the way N has separated itself from everyone, as there'll always be a % that refuses everything.

& thanx for the kind words, i also enjoy the bouncing about & the energies created therein.
= )

gary barwin said...

Thanks, Troy.

And Chris, I was thinking:

Think Locally, Punctuate Globally

or is that the other way around?

Chris said...

I was very tempted to pick up a book on French punctuation rituals today when I was at the francophone bookstore.