Wednesday, October 08, 2008

frog pondtuation

(for Troy Lloyd)

frog meant
lake fragment


troylloyd said...

= )

thanx Gary,
a great piece!

& " pondtuation "


recently, i gotta buncha back copies of Open Letter as i've never had the fortune to read any of the issues & now my opinion is that it's the best poetics print journal in N. America,

in one issue, i found a true gem from bp Nichol which i hadn't seen :




thank you Gary, for your enthusiasm & energy, i'm often amazed w/ the high-caliber of your work, of the thought processes that may lead you to where you land,
lightningstrikes leaping.


gary barwin said...

Thanks, Troy. Most kind.

I'm resisting the pull back into the pond...derek beaulieu and I did a whole book of frog pond translations, in part inspired by bp, but also Dom Sylvester Hou├ędard, Steve McCaffery and of course the original Basho.

Yeah. Open Letter is amazing. Though I really find the recent issues excellent, I do like the less specialist academic thrust of the earlier issues, the mixing of creative work and analysis. It's a fantastic journal.

Do you know



troylloyd said...

did the collabs w/ derek beaulieu ever become a chapbook?

i've been wanting to getta copy of McCaffery's Basho Variations (but it's quite expensive now) and lo & behold, upon just now looking it up to verify the proper title so i wouldn't look like a complete idiot, i discover'd googbooks has some of it online:

The Basho Variations


yes, is a tremendous resource, i'm still shamefully uninitiated w/ much of his grand work & first saw some of his comics on that site, litereally my brain was blown away by the sophistication of his comic-work, is there anything he couldn't do?

Canada is fortunate to have such a vital forefather & since he is so well-known in Canada, this possibly contributes why Canada has such a great vispo scene.

i humbly suggest that Geof Huth may be usa's bpNichol, in the sense of influence & turning people on --
even tho Emmett Williams contributed greatly to usa's scene, he's sadly not a household name as he should be.

( Dick Higgins was British, something i didn't know, i had thought he was a Yank b/c the Something Else Press was based in NYC )


troylloyd said...

a happy typo
leads to pwoemrd:

" litereally "

= )

gary barwin said...

Hey Troy,

derek and my frogments from the frag pool ended up as a vertebrate (as opposed to invertebrate) book -- see The Mercury Press ( I have to order some new ones for myself and I'll send you one when I get them.


troylloyd said...

oh wow!

the book looks great!

frogments from the frag pool

. . .