Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'll be the designated reader

There is a chess game where the pieces are letters. Each letter has a specifically defined pattern of movement. The game is between two players. Points are scored each time meaning is made – when the pieces align and can be read as sememes, as atoms of meaning, or indeed as words. There is a scoring system for these words. Two monkeys playing this game a hundred times could come up with all the ideas in Shakespeare. The game is a broken narrative, a lexicon, a poem. The players need special hats, pre-determined footwear, a place to play in the park. Maybe each player is a reader, and reads their own or the other player’s letters, or maybe there is a designated reader sitting to the side of the board, sipping coffee, recording everything. Later, game transcripts are bound and offered to readers who weren’t at the game. My son sat on top of the refrigerator when we were replacing it. We left the wine in the trunk of the car and it froze.

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