Monday, March 12, 2007


the snow was like clarinets
and inevitably, the Monopoly board of the groin
is hotels, the Balinese monkey chant, and a Shih Tzu
gnawing through gravestones and a macaroni-salad Inukshuk

pointing in a way that can no longer be pointed
the invention of rain should have closed the book on anger
and something obscure
stuck between the thing’s teeth

yes, a spoon in the eye, Doctor, I’m two tents
hovering over the ground since someone’s pulled up stakes
please insert your Italian quotation here
for inside every bedframe there’s another bedframe struggling to get out

the fringed hems of half-eaten swiss army irony and flowers
are new books of the Twister bible
exposed after snowmelt & new wallpaper
and here’s another obscure but beautiful bedsheet

receding despite the birds’ flap and floss
in the blue of the brain where
the last teeth are no longer planets

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