Friday, March 23, 2007

The Barwins Go to Cuba

Did you know that the US once hatched a plot where they were going to put dipiliator on Castro's shoes so that his beard would fall off?

They also put poison in some cigars that they intended him to smoke.

They knew the cigars would work.

They'd tested them on monkeys.

We were in Cuba for a week.

My son was wearing his baggy jeans down low so that his boxers were showing.

This Cuban guy walked up to him and said, "Your ass is outside."

He yanked my son's pants almost up to my son's armpits.

We went snorkeling in a lightning storm.

On the way back, the boat began to sink.

My son was bitten by a donkey.

But it didn't hurt.

We swam in a cave.

It was astoundingly beautiful.

We took no pictures.

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Razovsky said...

Those are some amazing nonexistent pictures!