Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Flag


clarinets twister a longer way there
bed the gravestones

here’s the ridge at last
I’m earth and book inside

teeth gravel pleasure
birds give away that someone’s not roaring
there’s new hems here
a monkey goes past

no anger but in the beautiful
the horizon in the obscure

the cats call sound a grieving
the groin is never uncertainty

the irony is that Inukshuks have hotels    
it struggles but blue snow obscures

it points: the old are up to their biohazard in teeth
others gnawing and exposed

and alone night planets
the board pulled over each mind stuck

insert the other eye here, snowmelt
stars and desperate mice, the calling valleys

pointing at something with a shape
the whole of the hovering ground

everything’s, yes, an invention
the night the army shrouds

in the yard where we pulled up stakes
a half-eaten monopoly feathers

far way, another flap, a rain chant beyond the mall
the tents autumn an in-between

the starved summer a longer knot
the darkness flowers the nation

inevitably, the receding is a quotation
and the quotation shops

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Peter Greene said...

teeth gravel pleasure!