Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Apophenia/Anglophenia: Seeing English in Everything, even Swedish


debt is the mylar of marvels
I kaftan
the Kevlar father barren like his son the spindle 
here is my kaftan
here I am stacked 
here I hijack the market of marvels
the mylar of marvels
I kaftan
I vie with the springtime 
O jagged medication 
the lean facthood of disease

I vie with springtime
heave tears 
O debt diamond 
net of jaguar bones 
I eat marvels
Jupiter hangs its tongue
grim in father’s firmament 
O nervous system luring all under the horn

debt mylars and marvels
the feds, the locks, the grout
O hell 
debt mylars or marvels some Kevlar uprising father 
then a marvel’s drought engine swells
ganglia aggravating crops 
father O stone sonar
crystal O brother
there is an understanding 

springtime hijacks 
I tunnel to you jagged day 
nervous system brighter with bones
fastness staggering in 
then pumping, pulsing, aggravating
O rootsier marvels 
lymph nodes
debt is the mylar of marvels
debt is the wind 
now comes the tar bones.
now the tar bones
now swallow the bones without caring 
all scar jagged 
dig O jagged, dig 
now Kevlar jagged 
O marvel father 
O lungs dig back 
later the vaccine is the marvellous 
cell plasma
a backrub forester yes 
debt is the mylar of marvels and 
a student of marvels’ organism


A homolinguistic Anglophenic translation of Aase Berg


Peter Greene said...

O jagged medication! Particularly "net of jaguar bones" : how pretty. Once as a child I was shown a box of bones containing 1 (one) cat - it was much better than those balsa dinosaurs. You may have inadvertently sparked a new fever of collection (glances at the aging feline in the other room).....

Matt D said...

"But judging by what little of it stands,
Not even the ingenuities of debt
Could save it from its losses being met."

-- Robert Frost

We need debt-proof jackets
to save us from our bankers.