Monday, May 31, 2010

Before the Outline of the Cow was Filled with Stars

Sentence this just proved you work that.

That works sentence proved this just you.

Works that proved you sentence this just.

Just this you that works proved sentence.

Proved that just work sentence this you.

This that you sentence work proved just.

You just proved that this sentence works.

But not me.


Eccentric Scholar said...

There is great rejoicing, for the phrenology head is finally reunited with its body!

gary barwin said...

I was thinking that there could be great rejoicing when the phrenobovine was joined with the colour-in-the-states map of the US,, topography is phrenology is a meat chart of the continent.

And hey, Craig, when are you going to do a Tarot of Punctuation? I'm sure the Hanged Man is an inverted comma.

Eccentric Scholar said...

Gary, I think you missed my first punctuation Tarot card:

gary barwin said...

So now my it's my turn to suggest something that's already been done! Holy Starry Cow! Now that you've reminded me, I do remember.