Monday, March 29, 2010

Shape Shift: Andrew Topel's Variations on a Theme Anthology

Shape Shift

Andrew Topel posted an image of the words "Shape Shift" twisted beguilingly into an almost-circle. He then invited people to create variations using the image as a source text. The following responded and are included in this great little anthology: derek beaulieu, Jim Leftwitch, John M. Bennett, Gary Barwin, Bernd Reichert, Jake Berry, Tim Gaze, Karl Kempton, John Moore Williams, Vernon Frazer.

There is often an impulse to riff off things in visual poetry, an urge to variate, to morphocize, to multiplate and varyize, to polyfurcate, to shapeshiftify from an initial idea. Andrew's anthology reflects this perfectly with a heftshipful of excellent work.

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