Monday, March 01, 2010

Rogue Stimulus Launch

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Our Prime Minister prorogued parliament. This means taht he put parliament and thus democracy on hold, conveniently skirting some difficult issues about Afghanistan amongst other things. Yes, it is within the system to prorogue, but using it (a second time in this term) to avoid dealing with significant issues is just plain anti-democratic. Harper likes to implement his own agenda and doesn't worry about the finer points, or even some of the coarser points of democracy. Stuart Ross and Steven Brockwell have created an anthology of poems addressing Mr. Harper's prorogation. It launches in Toronto on March 2nd -- tomorrow night. And I for one will be there. I will be reading my contribution to the anthology. To wit:


A knock at the door. I open it and there on my steps is Parliament, wrapped against the cold. I lift Parliament, hold it against my chest to make it warm. There, there, you’re safe now. No one can harm you. I’ll look after you, my little Parliament, my frightened legislative one. I bring Parliament inside and unwrap the blankets. Parliament is scrawny, a lovely chicken, a clock-eyed baby, an institution. My wife warms up a bottle, tests its warmth with an elbow. Parliament is calm now, no bells ringing, nothing but clucks and murmurs. Looking up, its big eyes on me as if I were the world or an election. A Parliament of spit and gurgles, of questions, arguments, love, and feathers.


Greg Santos said...

Hi Gary, I really enjoyed your poem in Rogue Stimulus. Good luck with your reading tonight. Cheers, G

gary barwin said...

Thanks Greg.

It was great to read your poem too.

The launch in Toronto was fantastic. I got to do a apoplectic and frenzied version of the sound poem lie piece by Hermann Eberl in addition to my own piece. There were lots of great readers and great pieces. Really a great night.