Friday, November 13, 2009

Gary Barwin book a forgery

I have been carefully examining past works of Canadian poetry and I have uncovered something quite startling. After a close reading of the text and an investigation of other facts that have recently come to light, I have discovered that my book, Raising Eyebrows is in fact a forgery. It wasn't written by me at all. It is in fact a copy. I am still working to discover the source of the original.

I am in the process of returning my royalty cheques to Coach House Books. I hope I don't have to give up the condo.


Jeff said...

Blast. I had similar "thoughts" just this morning, only it isn't my book (since I haven't written one) that's in question. I believe my site may be a forgery.

This is bad. This is very, very bad.

gary barwin said...

And now I'm wondering if another of my books, "Outside the Hat," may also be an exact replica of itself, in the way that language is a replica of the world.