Monday, February 16, 2009

My tongue is 621.37 kilometres long

(still working on this...)


like an ape afloat in an isolation tank
they think I am a duck

stick a needle into my feathers
send honey to my pâté


I am one with my viruses
wear my infections like music

my brain holds the things my hands hold
their hands hold my brain


if my tongue were a thousand miles long
it would reach 621.37 kilometres toward home

the shadows say when they
poke me with their doctor fingers


I fit in the world the way I fit
inside my body

or when I’m surrounded
by sunscreen


the beach is enormous boulders
now become sand

I, too, am a castle of penguins
my bald pate flattened by blue spade


the ocean walks a Darwinian joke
a salty frottage of walls

my mind roof-of-mouth ripply and shell-strewn
as all of me recedes, pressganged by waves


bubbles on my doubloons
their deepsea operations cousteau

my sunken chicken
I am not a nervous wreck


my body is a pressure change
a presentiment of rain

I tie no laces of thunder
in the heavy shoes


what the


my brain is a moon ajar
a great wheel whose song

bumps distant continents
and returns


I mean
a great whale

1 comment:

Eccentric Scholar said...

I like "the beach is enormous boulders / now become sand." When I was a child, my mother often recited the "little drops of water / little grains of sand" nursery rhyme.