Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Rene Magritte!


In honour of René Magritte's 110th birthday, I reprint this poem from my collection Outside the Hat, available online from Coach House books. I am also walking around with a large apple in front of my face all day.


last week
Herman Melville was born

i found another belt loop
way round back

next week
René Magritte will die

i will not use that belt loop


Jeff said...

I grieve with you. Rene Margaret was a fine dancer, and a good friend.

gary barwin said...

I agree. Margaret was a good friend. But I didn't use that belt loop. I didn't even use a belt. My pants, in solidarity with gravity and the Marx brothers, fell towards earth, towards my shoes, towards the grief that is slapstick. Yet my tears broke free of the atmosphere and became as stars in a constellation of sorrows. A good friend is a large apple. Is a dance before oneself in a mirror that reflects the image of oneself leaving.

Jeff said...

Point taken.

gary barwin said...

None given.

Eccentric Scholar said...

Apropos of something else, I was in stitches over your line: "When it comes to apostrophes, there should be no contractual obligation."

Jeff said...

Point donated to charity.

gary barwin said...

Thanks, Jeff. I'm always glad to help pointless charities.