Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We just came in from watching the eclipse of the moon. The paper said today that, even in the city, the "handsome rings of Saturn could be observed" in proximity to the moon. We were unable to observe them, though the moon was a beautiful terra cotta / apricot colour. Ryan said that if we lived near the stars he would buy a telescope.

Here's a draft of a poem I was working on at some time in the past:

1. people wait for their houses to be erased
a mouthful of birds
a beaten heart sandwich

2. I lie submerged
replace my tongue with a shark fin
I am a predator

3. beware shampoo of the night
and human suffering
I slice your red pomegranate insides

or tongue fin
pull up carpets of teeth
so they cannot lie

4. I try to go all Trojan and
leap out from a snow flake
but fall into the wrong library

5. we were unique
but evaporation, memory, lassitude

and we are gone

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