Monday, July 27, 2020

Four recent videos: Kaddish rabbit poetry book

The following four videos were all made using some implementation of the Max/MSP programming environment for both audio and video. For example, the audio for the Rabbit video was made through a routine that I wrote which modifies a MIDI recording of the original Bach by substitution or erasure of the original pitches and by mapping some of the pitches onto percussion sounds. The result was ported to Ableton Live where I further modified it (the intonation) and choice of timbres. The visuals were made by superimposing a found animation of a rabbit onto visuals generated in Max from the rhythms of the audio. You can see what a Max program looks like in the third video because I recorded the screen as it ran. 

 Kaddish (from a Portuguese cantor singing the Jewish prayer for the dead.)

 Rabbit (a transrabbitgrification of Bach'a Aria from the Goldberg Variations and the first Invention.)


 Poetry Makes Nothing Happen (after Auden)(for Carl Wilson) The screen is the Max/MSP running the program that generated the sound.


 The Book (for derek beaulieu_

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