Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Pirates, Radio shows, book releases, shopping carts, and one the best seller list

My friend and collaborator Craig Conley on receiving Yiddish for Pirates coincident with the arrival of this galleon. The world always offers curious and wondrous marvels as seen through the lens flare of Craig's eyes.

I read in Sarnia and made the front page of the local newspaper along with a probing article about the problematics of dog hair for car detailers.

April 5 was the official publication date of my novel Here is a picture from thousands of miles away Victoria, B.C. that my brother Alan sent.

I did a great radio show on Sirius XM today. The Ward and Al show. They were lovely and we had a great talk about the book as well as a range of other things. 

Here are the three of us, post show. Fun.

My art show with Lisa Pijuan-Nomura at the Hundred Dollar Gallery opens on Friday. The rest of the work is prints, but here is the one sculptural piece.

And—amazingly enough—on the day that it was first out in the world, the book was on the Macleans' best seller list! Number 6!


Amanda Earl said...

hurray! all fun & abuzz for the pirates. & number 6 is a great number. nicely done. onward!

gary barwin said...

Thanks so much, Amanda. I'm quite amazed by all this parrotic foofaraw but I'll take it! It's amazing to think that the book is sailing its merry way out to readers. I feel like I'm just a stowaway on the voyage.