Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Encyclopedia of Everything: Artist Statement

An Encyclopedia of Everything

Everything that is one is also two because two is one just more so. One and then some. Joined at the hip you might say. Or the shoulder or wing. Yes, it’s all hybrid and go seek in the Encyclopedia of Everything because we live in hybridity. Language is hybrid. Looking is hybrid. Culture is hybrid. Memory. For this I went to collage? These images explore the hybrid connection between humans and animals, between the real world and images, between the natural and the human-made world, between language and language. Each word, each glance, each thought is a centaur, or a hand-headed owl, a grammar-horned deer. Antlers on a shopping cart. And everything changes. Everything is in the process of changing. Knowing is quantum. Understanding is chimerical. So is wonder. A jackalope, a feejee mermaid, cryptozoology or cryptocognition. We don’t know what to believe. We even doubt our skepticism. When is a pipe not a pipe? When it is a brain that is half a butterfly’s wing. Why is a raven like a writing desk? Because it has wings. Except I lied about the wings. 

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