Sunday, January 24, 2016

Digital Typewriter Performance

(photo by Alex Zafer)

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of performing at Gallery 435 on Barton St. E. in Hamilton, Ontario. Dave Gould and I played a couple sets of improvised music. I performed on saxophone and flute, laptop and my trusty Underwood typewriter (mic'd and processed through said laptop. Even the typewriter wanted to be David Bowie and dress up in space, and so together we got cosmic.) Dave played a keyboardless piano (the strings and soundboard exposed) and his invented instruments made of whale bone and caribou horn, strung and amplified.

The day before, I read at variety of work at Except for Kenneth as one of 6 performers in Lisa Pijuan-Nomura's new performance series, Red. A lovely night of diverse performances: music, dance, comedy, fiction, and poetry.

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