Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Alex Porco writes about "Moon Baboon Canoe"; Arc Poetry Magazine, and 49th Shelf Red Letter Day.

I think, today, my mom programmed the Internet.

Three things came online.
1. A great interview with Alex Porco on LemonHound.
2. A piece I did about my "red letter day" on 49th Shelf.
3. The interview Sandra Ridley did with me at Arc Poetry Magazine.

Here's links:

1. Poet and scholar Alex Porco is a thoughtful, sensitive, engaged, enthusiastic reader who examines work from a variety of perspectives, introducing and exploring helpful and fruitful ways to read texts. He is a significant thinker and supporter of Canadian poetry and I'm grateful for this reading of my latest book, Moon Baboon Canoe, on the important and significant online journal, LemonHound.

2. George Murray asked me a bunch of questions about what I'd do if I could treat myself, bookishly. Here it is.

3. And here's the link to information about Arc Poetry Magazine where Sandra Ridley asked me some really thoughtful, probing questions.

I wonder if tomorrow, my dad will get his hands on some code?

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