Monday, April 14, 2014

Two musical settings of the same poem from Moon Baboon Canoe

In my new book, Moon Baboon Canoe, I have a poem entitled Song ("Old Mother.")

I've set this poem to music twice, each time completely differently. I wrote a version (with water sounds and tin whistles) as part of music for a dance piece (which included a setting of Rilke) by Project in Motion in New Mexico. This setting was lyric and very water based. (The show was called "Aqua.") It's here:


The second setting is spooky and shamanistic, but created with voice synthesis and drum sounds.


I like both versions and find it really interesting how a single poem can have such a different effect.


Stephen Nelson said...

These are just great! Both very mysterious, but different, as you say. I'm looking forward to the new book. Wondered if you fancied a swap with my new one, which should arrive this week, although I'm happy to buy a copy if that suits you better. Thanks for the music though. Really enjoyed it.

gary barwin said...

Thanks, Stephen. And yes…a swap…and boy, you are prolific these days. Excited to see your new book.