Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Deletionist Dances...

I've been intrigued by the new erasure software/site The Deletionist which enable you to go to any webpage and then create erasure texts out of it. Whether it's Facebook, or Project Gutenberg books, or strange wordlists, The Deletionist 'deletes' according to some fixed algorithm derived in some way from the features of the page. The images that are in this blog post are erasures from a set of four of my poems from my old book, Outside the Hat which Coach House Books published as a "fetish object formally known as book," but also as an online book in 1998. It has audio on the site and some simple animation. Way cool for 1998. But The Deletionist turned these 'Foure Daunces' into solfege songs -- do re mi fa so la tionist erasures which strangely go with the dancing images extracted from a 15th dance manual.

The Deletionist was created by Amaranth BorsukJesper Juul and Nick Montfort. It can be downloaded at The where there is also more information about it and how it works. 

A really fascinating online tool.

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