Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shakespeare: Supreme Masterpiece and Proof Definitive by Pierre Henrion

This truly remarkable pamphlet explains through definitive and supreme analysis that Francis Bacon wrote Shakespeare. Or that Pierre Henrion is a master visual poet and Kabbalist-style reader. (The English text appears also in French, but it has not been scanned here.)


Velda said...

This is cool!

Alvaro said...

Mr Pierre Henrion was my English teacher at the Lycée Hoche in Versailles (France) during the years 1964 to 1966. He showed us this sonnet and a lot of other things related to Bacon-Shakespeare like fake XVII century paintings, fake portraits for example. I got in touch with him by 1980 and he gave me a specimen of every work (I guess) he had done on this topic. He died about 1985, and I have letters from him that were written during his last days. If you are interested to know more, my name is Alvaro Legido, my email is