Thursday, June 16, 2011


sunshine coming in low 
and steady over the mail box
the radical gloss of toes 
made wet by dog’s tongue
my daughter is coming home by bus tonight
laminar and turbulent  
Newtonian and non-Newtonian 
we’ve texted
cooking on the BBQ
flows in arbitrary geometries with both fixed and moving boundaries   
my son marinates with glee
a crushing thrill or else weariness of living
capabilities for the prediction of combustion 
a girlfriend’s rattle of car keys
particle transport, propagation and flows in porous elements
there’s supper to be made
a fly buzzing behind photographs
the universe is not only centerless but edgeless
a surface roughness or general body force 
an image of snow, blue sky, the spine of a cactus, a comic book
terms regarding gravitational and electromagnetic forces can be defined
the wavy green and red lines of the word processor
an ontological no parking zone
the signs say not until the fifteenth of the month except before June

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