Monday, May 02, 2011

International Pwoermd Writing Month and the *New* International New Alphabet Writing Month


As followers of this blog will know, I have just finished participating in Geof Huth's  International Pwoermd Writing Month (InterNaPwoWriMo) a month where almost as many international writers as letters in the alphabet wrote one word poems each day of the month. It is a minimalist analogue to the National Poem Writing Month, and the source of much fun, creativity, and in(ter)vention. You can read the various one word poems (pwoermds) on the blogs and Twitter feeds linked through the site. There were some beautiful, beguiling, ridiculous, and surprising creations. 

The springuscule and summeruscule version of a new letter
Next year, I want to go even more minimalist. I want to initiate a project where each participant creates a new letter of the alphabet each day of the month. What will we call it? International New Alphabet (Pleotmter?) Writing Month? InterNaAlphWriMo? InterNaPleoWriMo? Or maybe it will just be Regional. Or indeed confined to my desktop. A flash mob of one. 

But if each participant created a single new letter each day for a month, at the end, they'd have an alphabet. Perhaps the letters could be mixed-and-matched with others. An ecumenalphabet. A letteriot. A trium(gly)phant alphaGlyphony. Or the letters could go rogue. Remain hermit and unattached. Singularities. Minuscule miniscule bangs at the beginning of new alphabetic universes. Who's in?


Geof Huth said...

I call an invented letter a neobetism, if that helps, though the invention is not mine.

Thanks for your contributions last month!


gary barwin said...

Thanks, Geof.

I was trying to come up with an analogue to pwoermd ('word' interleaved with 'poem')-- so neobet (sounds like NeoPet...) pneobembt...

Alphabetter? Novaglyph? nextext?

Anonymous said...


that sounds

and I will participate if I am alive...

and in/ at(on) the place...

Pearl said...

cool idea. next April you say, or some time tbd?

Amanda Earl said...

i love this idea, Gary. i am already dreaming up neobets or newbts ;)

gary barwin said...

Amanda: I like "newbts"!
Maybe these will be Poemnewbts.

Pearl: I think that the month should be one that isn't April, so as not to conflict. February is good. Closer to an alphabetic (at least Roman /Semitic )length. So we'll all end up with an alphabet of newbts.

And Satu, your comment sounds very metalphysic/mortalphabetic. Yikes!

This should be fun. I'll let you all know when.

pedrog said...

Your blog is genially awesome!