Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Radio interview on ArtWaves, GritLit, & Country Swing by Ryan Barwin

Bernadette Rule runs a great arts radio show out of Mohawk College in Hamilton. She archives all the shows at Archive.org/details/artwaves so that they are more widely accessible in both time and space. Last Sunday, she interviewed me and Jennifer Gillies (one of the organizers of the GritLit festival) in advance of the festival. I'm reading on April 7th, the festival's opening night, at the Art Gallery of Hamilton with Karen Solie and Evelyn Lau. Both Jennifer and I read some of our work on the radio show.

This year's festival looks fantastic. There are many fantastic writers and some excellent workshop/presentations. All the details are here.

We were invited to bring some music to play, so of course, I chose something by my musician son, Ryan Barwin. The piece (it's about halfway through the interview, just before Bernadette begins interviewing me) is a great little country swing tune that Ryan wrote and multi-tracked the  pedal steel, guitar, lap steel, and dobro. (Other than the digital drums, I think that that's all the instruments on the track. There may be an electric raccoon in there. Those humbucking varmints get in everywhere.

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