Sunday, March 08, 2009

Phases of the Harpsichord Moon

This is a poster of a poem from my first chapbook entitled "Phases of the Harpsichord Moon" (serif of nottingham editions, 1985). The poster is from the same year. (Perhaps you can tell that I've been cleaning out my study.) In a second year creative writing class at York University, our professor, the brilliantly laconic and insightful Frank Davey, told us about this event downtown called "Meet the Presses", a gathering of small presses devised by Stuart Ross and Nicholas Power. He encouraged us to create books and get a table. I did and ended up attending both Meet the Presses and the Toronto Small Press Book Fair for nearly twenty years. Stuart, Nick, plus some others of us, re-formed Meet the Presses last year and put on an event so wildly fun, successful, and attended by thousands, it hurt my saddlestitching.


troylloyd said...

indeed, you stitch yr saddles well & riding the spines put proof to hoof that the sunsets never sit for too long, rising.

muchlove to yr imprint as surfing the serif curves blinkless between magnet & moon.

dig the poster!

the phases remain musical
chora on chord
morph to morph
most moist, wet
the eyes
are yes
& the yes
is always
o p e n
u p o n

w a v e

f t e r

a w v e

a t t a

w a v e

s u c h

s w i m

m i n g

s e a m

e y e d

s e e n

gary barwin said...