Friday, June 27, 2008

Carpet of Undulating Tongues; Highway of the Shadowy Tongue

Here are two electroacoustic pieces that I created to go along with some video loops of Morpheal (aka Bob Ezergalis). Bob created these videos through some kind of interference pattern voodoo with multiple analogue signals and digital transformation. I think he also sacrificed a statuette of Col. Saunders in the burning parking lot of a local mall, but I'm not sure. There's only the remants of a white suit and chicken bones on a median.

One of the videos looks like a transforming Afghan/Middle Eastern rug, flickering in and out of coherence, flashing geometric shapes in a rich red. I thought of it as a Moroccodelic psychocarpet.

The music intended to go along with this is entitled "Carpet of Undulating Tongues." It is supposed to be fairly 'trippy' to accompany the trance-inducing video. The piece used samples from the duduk (a beautifully mournful Armenian woodwind instrument), drumming from Morocco and Japan, and samples of Hebrew Torah cantillation. Also speech samples, saxophone samples, and a few other things.

The second piece, "Highway of Shadowy Tongues" is music more upbeat and rhythmic. It is comprised of Pygmy music from central Africa, traffic and car and motorcycle sounds from highways and the street, Russian sacred chanting, Jussi Bjorling singing lieder with a piano, drumming sounds from around the world, and samples extracted from a Tadjikistan singer.

Last Wednesday, BumpHEAD (the group comprising my son Ryan and I, together with Kerry Schooley) were over at Morpheal's studio recording music for his videos. These pieces of mine were inspired by that session.


Morpheal said...

Gary, the pieces are a perfect accompaniment to two of the visuals.
The video images have now learned to dance to your tunes.

Robert Morpheal

Darla said...

Good for people to know.