Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Albatross of Sense

poetry: their in the best words order best


Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834): I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is, prose,—words in their best order; poetry,—the best words in their best order.


I can't find that passage where Coleridge mentions that "kerplunk," is one of the words he considers the best.


Nadia said...

"Kerplunk" is an excellent word.

Also, I've always been partial to "snout".

gary barwin said...

Actually, I have T-shirt that says that: "I have always been partial to 'snout.'"

Or was that

the partial snout of cloud
late in the light
the furrows browsing
a trough of owls
the moon's sowee
twigs twitching before
the dicephalus dawn