Friday, May 05, 2006

Wound-induced Name

(from Barwin)
Barwin is a basic protein isolated from aqueous extracts of barley seeds. It is125 amino acids in length, and contains six cysteine residues that combine to formthree disulphide bridges PUBMED:1390663, PUBMED:1390664. Comparative analysisshows the sequence to be highly similar to a 122 amino acid stretch in the C-terminal of the products of two wound-induced genes (win1 and win2) from potato, theproduct of the hevein gene of rubber trees, and pathogenesis-related protein 4 fromtobacco. The high levels of similarity to these proteins, and their ability to bindsaccharides, suggest that the barwin domain may be involved in a common defense mechanism in plants.
Description text from InterPro entry IPR001153

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